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Last Flight To Pluto (LFTP) were formed in South Wales and feature Alice Freya on vocals,
Jack Parry and Ryan Barnard on guitar, Lewis Kreft on bass and Darren Joseph on drums and
keyboards. Alice writes the lyrics and co-writes the music with Darren. They spent a lot of time
on the cover band circuit in different bands but recently decided to do LFTP full-time. This is
their second album.
The album has a running time of just under fifty minutes with the shortest song being seven
minutes and the final song on the album being the longest at nine minutes and forty-three
seconds. One of the Highlights for me is Masheena which opens the album with electronics. It is
a song about a future where robots do lots of menial tasks for their human masters.
LFTP’s most recognizable influences are from the usual suspects in the prog world such as
Marillion, Pink Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull, Genesis and Yes but there are also less obvious bands
such as Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins in there too.
Alice’s vocals may sometimes be a little jarring and an acquired taste, but she is a very soulful
and passionate singer and I can’t think of any other female singer who would fit these wonderful
songs. Where the first album was recorded on a lower budget and is a lot rawer, this one is a lot
more polished in terms of production. Both are superb albums and worth checking out,
especially as they both contain only six songs, but I think the second one just edges it with a
higher diversity of song styles.

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