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Kim Seviour

1. How are you feeling right now?

Kim Seviour: I've been through some health issues in the last couple of years that I've been working through and have kept things quiet, but all going in the right direction, so feeling really positive!


2. Where is home?

Kim Seviour: Home is a little village in Wiltshire called Lacock. I grew up a few miles away in town called Melksham, so it's nice to be back near family and my old stomping ground after living in London for 6 years. 



3. What do you consider your biggest achievement in your career so far?

Kim Seviour: I think working on the solo album, Recovery Is Learning . I had such amazing opportunities and experiences with Touchstone, releasing 4 studio albums and playing Europe and the USA, but writing my own material with my close friend John Mitchell was my biggest personal challenge so far, and there was so much I felt that I wanted to say, so to do so was an opportunity I will be forever grateful for. 



4. What is your favourite band apart from your own?

Kim Seviour:  Oh, this one's easy! I've been a fan of a band called Our Lady Peace since 2003, and I still love them. Tracks that I'd recommend would be Innocent, Angels/Losing/Sleep, Thief and Superman's Dead. Such an awesome band and they've been a huge influence on me both personally and musically. 


5. Is there a song that you wish you had written?

Kim Seviour: Innocent by Our Lady Peace. It reflects how I see the world and puts it in a way that I don't think I ever could have.


6. Can you read music, or have you had any musical training?

Kim Seviour: Haha, not really. I played the cornet as a kid so learned basic musical training. To be honest, I was always more of a karaoke queen growing up and before joining my first band. I've always found that there's a level of snobbery around that kind of thing, and my attitude is that that anyone should be able to enjoy expressive themselves in any way that feels enjoyable. Karaoke always gave me chances to sing for fun and play with an audience, then my first band really pushed me vocally.


7. What is your favourite food?

Kim Seviour: Ooh, tough one. I'm a huge fan of Italian food, though many musical friends and listeners have learned that I have a weakness for Ferrero Roche! 


8. What would always be on your rider?

Kim Seviour: Probably herbal tea/honey. There are lots of funky and quirky things that people would like, but warming up vocally and being comfortable is always the most important thing before performing, so I'd like plenty of items that would help with that. 


9. Can you recommend a good book to read?

Kim Seviour: I'm a huge advocate for mental health and wellbeing, so a lot of the material I read centres around that. There's a book called "Affluenza - How to be successful and stay sane" by an author called Oliver James. It's all about how finding balance between material success and personal relationships. For anyone not into that kind of thing, I'm a massive fan of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series (bit of a personal idol) and my boyfriend has introduced me to Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series which is brillant.


10. Who is your favourite writer?

Kim Seviour: This is such a tough one. I've been studying a Psych degree and Health Psych masters for years so I've lost track of a lot of good writing. I have a real soft spot for Frances Hodgson Burnett after growing up on her books, so probably her.


11. Do you have any favourite television shows and movies?

Kim Seviour: Fave films - V for Vendetta and The Fifth Element. I adore both of those. As for TV shows, probably Scrubs. It tackles such beautiful and hard hitting topics but is done in such a fun and accessible way. Such a clever show (Plus there's a music video to Innocent, mentioned earlier, with clips of the show which I could watch endlessly).


12. Do you have a favourite musical instrument?

Kim Seviour: Piano. It can be used in so many genres, but I love when it's used in heavier music and adds a layer of prettiness to it. It's got such wonderful qualities as an instrument.


13. Who would you most like to work with, either living or dead?

Kim Seviour: Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. He knew the balance between raw emotion and beauty in music, and expressed it so authentically. From what I hear he was a really kind and authentic guy too.


14. What would you be doing if were not a musician?

Kim Seviour: Well aside from music I do a lot of study in Psychology and I have an interest in trauma therapy, so probably that! I look forward to be qualified enough to help others move on from events holding them back from living life to the full.


15. Do you have any plans you can share with us?

Kim Seviour: Musically, I have to play it by ear I'm afraid. Owing to my own health issues, I've had to sit aside and wait patiently to join the circuit again, HOWEVER, I do have a guest slot coming up at a gig next year that I'm really excited about, so I'm sure that will come out in due course, and soon! :-)

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