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Veronika Jensen

1. How are you feeling right now?

Veronika Jensen: Pretty good actually! I recently got back from a lovely trip to Germany where we first saw some excellent shows by Steve Rothery Band, Dave Foster Band, SYLF and Riccardo Romano Land in Cologne, before visiting friends in Berlin.

Right now we’re in the middle of refurbishing my (not so new anymore) place, and although we’re far from finished, it’s a great feeling not to have to live out of boxes anymore.


2. Where is home?

Veronika Jensen: Home is in the Norwegian countryside, a place called Spydeberg. I moved here for a number of reasons, first and foremost to be able to work on music without having to worry about bothering any neighbours. I love it here, one of the things I really missed living in Oslo was the woods, and the forests here are beautiful.



3. What do you consider your biggest achievement in your career so far?

Veronika Jensen: That has to be performing at Night of the Prog in 2018. The feeling of sharing that iconic stage with so many of my musical heroes, and to walk on to it, seeing so many friends and fans who all wanted us to succeed, is something I struggle to put into words.



4. What is your favourite band apart from your own?

Veronika Jensen:  Really? Oh man, that is a terribly difficult question and I could go on and on and on… The band I’ve seen live the most times and that I’ve listened to the most the last couple of years is Marillion. I admire them so much, both for their incredible musicianship, their stunning live performances and their interactions with the fans.



5. Is there a song that you wish you had written?

Veronika Jensen:  Many, haha! Among others Living with the Big Lie by Marillion and Escalator Shrine by Riverside. The subject matter of the lyrics lies close to my heart and the songs themselves are just amazing and very original.



6. Can you read music, or have you had any musical training?

 No, I haven’t. It might still happen though, should I feel the learning curve I achieve on my own flatten out, I’d be open to vocal training. I would also like to learn how to play the guitar, I have a beautiful hollow bodied Gretsch I’m yearning to play!



7. What is your favourite food?

Veronika Jensen: I’m a vegetarian and a food enthusiast, so to limit myself to just one dish would be impossible! I’m very fond of Indian cuisine though, and I don’t think I could ever grow tired of Palak Paneer, among many other dishes, served with either peshwari or garlic naan and mango lassi of course!



8. What would always be on your rider?

Veronika Jensen: I really don’t have any weird demands. I vastly prefer a wireless microphone onstage, and if I can’t use my own, I always hope the venue will provide one.

I would really appreciate vegetarian food and some non-alcoholic drinks backstage (I never drink alcohol before or during a show) and often bring a couple of fresh dates that I eat after the show before selling merch or signing stuff.



9. Can you recommend a good book to read?

Veronika Jensen:  I love reading and writing, and if I enjoy a book, I’ll more often than not re-read it, sometimes as much as 10, even 20 times! Favourites come and go, but one that is constant is The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien.



10. Who is your favourite writer?

 Veronika Jensen: J.R.R.Tolkien takes me on journeys that are always worthwhile, Terry Pratchett never fail to make me chuckle or even laugh out loud, and even if you don’t count his remarkable lyrics, the two volumes of diaries published by Steve Hogarth (The Invisible Man Diaries) are enough to count him among my favourite authors.



11. Do you have any favourite television shows and movies?

 Veronika Jensen: Anything written and directed by Joss Whedon, the newest Battlestar Galactica and any documentary featuring David Attenborough, perhaps especially Planet Earth.



12. Do you have a favourite musical instrument?

 Veronika Jensen: I don’t, as it’s all about the setting and how you use it. However, I am weak for a good bassline and just love the sound of a bow across and upright bass or cello.



13. Who would you most like to work with, either living or dead?

 Veronika Jensen: I think it’d be really cool to have a photo-shoot or make a music video with Anton Corbijn.



14. What would you be doing if were not a musician?

 Veronika Jensen: I’m educated to be, and worked for many years as a florist, so perhaps that. I also write novels, so in an ideal world I could live of that. Although in my ideal world I would live of music and do writing on the side.



15. Do you have any plans you can share with us?

Veronika Jensen: For starters finish working on my home, complete my third novel and start rehearsing for songs I’ll perform on Late Night Live on Cruise to the Edge and something called Prog on the Ranch next year.

As for my own music, I’m still a little tight-lipped at the moment I’m afraid. Suffice to say I’m only working two days a week at my day-job at the moment, to give me time to work on demoes for something that might end up as a solo-project or a new band. It’s too early to tell really, but I’m very excited about it, and the future!

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