Who are we?

I'm Aidan Campbell and i'm the founder, main writer and editor of Prime Half Century. I was born in King’s Lynn in the English county of Norfolk in 1978 but now live in Stamford in Lincolnshire. I started to appreciate progressive rock quite late in my life in 2006 as I was involved in the indie scene for many years but I have been a fan of Marillion (my favourite band) and Pink Floyd since I was a teenager in 1994. I have been writing reviews regularly for the last seven years and wanted to collect all of them together into one place.



Hi, I'm Carmen. I was born in Venezuela in 1973 but now live in the Cayman Islands. I've been a Prog fan for over 30 years and my favourite band is Marillion, followed by Saga and Riverside. I believe in being positive, looking at the bright side of things and always having my glass half full. There is nothing in this life that music, books, concerts, travels, family and friends can’t cure. I'm involved in the website as I am a close friend of Aidan and have been helping him with proof-reading, research, promotion and PR. You might find me at a Marillion concert near you 

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