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Who am I?

I'm Aidan Campbell and i'm the founder, main writer and editor of Prime Half Century. I was born in King’s Lynn in the English county of Norfolk in 1978 but now live in Stamford in Lincolnshire. I started to appreciate progressive rock quite late in my life in 2006 as I was involved in the indie scene for many years but I have been a fan of Marillion (my favourite band) and Pink Floyd since I was a teenager in 1994. I have been writing reviews regularly for the last seven years and wanted to collect all of them together into one place. I am also learning to play keyboards and have recently studied music theory. My other interests include chess, movies and reading. I am also a huge fan of Red Dwarf, Drop The Dead Donkey, Frasier, Peep Show, Star Wars, Marvel movies, Stanley Kubrick movies and the Alien Quadrilogy. I am also an Americophile and Francophile.

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