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Neil Durant - IQ keyboard player

How are you feeling right now?

Neil Durant: 

Radiant sir, radiant.

Where is home?

Neil Durant: 

Somewhere not far north of London, England.

What do you consider your biggest achievement in your career so far?

Neil Durant: 

[I assume you mean music career?]

The release of "Comeuppance" by Sphere³, the writing and recording of which took a really huge amount of work. But if I listen back to it now, I still feel excited by it, and mostly very happy with it even after all the years. It really sounds to my ears like the debut album of a band with some truly new ideas and ways of working. But it would not be regarded as a big achievement in terms of sales or awareness!

What is your favorite band apart from your own?

Neil Durant: It varies, but today I would say it's the Bill Evans Trio.

Is there a song that you wish you had written?

Neil Durant: 

Probably something like Close To The Edge by Yes, as a track that to me defines prog, and has always been a yardstick to compare against.

Can you read music, or have you had any musical training?

Neil Durant:

I can read music, but I'm very rusty as I don't really do it very much. I was self-taught, but I have had some musical training too in my later years, most recently being some jazz piano/technique training.

What is your favourite food?

Neil Durant: 

Custard Creams. Classic IQ rehearsal food.

 What would always be on your rider?

Neil Durant: I refer you to my answer to question 7.

Can you recommend a good book to read?

Neil Durant: 

I enjoyed reading "The Prophet From Silicon Valley: The Complete Story of Sequential Circuits" this year, all about the famous synth company and the birth of one of the most iconic synths, the Prophet 5. A great read for anyone into synths.

Who is your favourite writer?

Neil Durant: 

Richard Feynman. It's rare to find someone who can write on such deep topics with some clarity. His insights, achievements, and approach to life are an inspiration.


Do you have any favourite television shows and movies?

Neil Durant: 

Any/all of the Alan Partridge series


Do you have a favourite musical instrument?

Neil Durant: 

A really good grand piano. Both to listen to, or to play. Such a versatile, timeless, expressive instrument. And no batteries, cables or amplifiers to worry about



Who would you most like to work with, either living or dead?

Neil Durant: 

John Coltrane. I'm not sure what he'd have thought about the pairing, but I'm certain we'd produce some fascinating fusion of music together, and I'd learn a vast amount in the process.

What would you be doing if were not a musician?

Neil Durant: 

I'd be doing what I do now when I'm not being a musician, which is developing software for scientific robotics/automation.

Do you have any plans you can share with us?

Neil Durant: 

All I can say is that now the new IQ album "Resistance" is out, my attention is going to be moving heavily onto new Sphere³ material..

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