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Steve Tilling - Circu5

How are you feeling right now?

Steve Tilling: Tired after a weekend of gigs and rehearsals.

Where is home?

Steve Tilling: Swindon, England

What do you consider your biggest achievement in your career so far?

Steve Tilling: Writing, recording and performing the first CIRCU5 album. Or performing in TC&I - the band of Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers from XTC. TC&I played six sold-out shows in Swindon during late 2018. It was the first time Colin and Terry had performed live together since 1982

What is your favorite band apart from your own?

Steve Tilling: XTC or Jellyfish, probably. I'm a bit partial to Yes as well.


Is there a song that you wish you had written?

Steve Tilling: XTC or Jellyfish, probably. I'm a bit partial to Yes as well.


6. Can you read music, or have you had any musical training?

Steve Tilling: Yes, but slowly. I learned classical guitar from 7 to around 12, so I've forgotten some of it.

What is your favourite food?

Steve Tilling: Curry - Jalfrezi


What would always be on your rider?

Steve Tilling: Crumpet

Can you recommend a good book to read?

Steve Tilling: Roderick by John Sladek - funny, satirical and sick in places.

Who is your favourite writer?

Steve Tilling: Right now, Russell Hoban.

Do you have any favourite television shows and movies?

Steve Tilling: 

Favourite TV… This Country, Dark, Alan Partridge, Detectorists.

Films… A Clockwork Orange, Memento, Pan's Labyrinth, The Shining.

Do you have a favourite musical instrument?

Steve Tilling: Guitar - favourite current guitar is a Fender 72 Telecaster Thinline.

Who would you most like to work with, either living or dead?

Steve Tilling: Mutt Lange or Trevor Horn for the production advice.

What would you be doing if were not a musician?

Steve Tilling: Copywriting.

Do you have any plans you can share with us?

Steve Tilling: I'm currently writing the next CIRCU5 album, with Mark Kilminster, Paul Clark and Lee Moulding - find out more at or facebook/circu5freaks. I'm also putting a band together with Terry Chambers from XTC (with behind-the-scenes support from Andy Partridge), which will hopefully start touring next year.

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